Air Conditioning Maintenance and Service Agreements

Why do people do Air Conditioning Maintenance? Do AC’s even need it?

Air Conditioning Maintenance is crucial in Florida’s Emerald Coast. Because our weather can be extreme, especially in summer, Air Conditioning Systems work extremely hard and without the proper care, will be most likely to break. Also, AC and heating systems work the hardest when the weather is at it worst. The coldest and hottest days of the year, for example. Therefore, they will break more often at these most inconvenient times. Above all, we want to make it easy and affordable to maintain and service your air conditioning and heating equipment. After all, your HVAC equipment must be reliable when you need it most.

Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance Tune-ups maximize reliability, efficiency and life expectancy of your system. It is very important that to make sure your HVAC system is receiving the routine maintenance that it needs to work properly for many years to come. Pensacola, Gulf Breeze, Pace and Milton weather can be extreme and the last thing that you want is an HVAC system that fails you during one of those extreme times. The more you ask of us, the more we can deliver! See our Air Conditioning Service packages below and feel free to give us a call with any questions you have!


Monthly Investment

Number of Visits

Repair Discount

Equipment Replacement Discount

Extended Labor Warranty on Repairs

Service Charge (Normally $95)

Priority Scheduling

Optimized Performance & Efficiency

Reliability & Longevity

No Overtime Charges

Saves Time and Money

Energy Savings Coil Cleaning



1 Time / YR



6 Months


24 HRS

1 Time / Year



2 Times / YR



12 Months


Same Day

2 Times / Year



3 Time / YR



12 Months


Same Day

3 Times / Year

What do we do during a Tuneup?

Inside Unit

Inspect and Lubricate Blower Motor

Verify incoming voltage

Microfarad Test Blower Motor Capacitor

Inspect disconnect / breaker and box condition

Inspect electrical wiring

Inspect Evap coil

Inspect and flush drain line

Add drain pan maintenance tablets

Inspect relay and boards for burn marks

Electric heat

Inspect sequencer

Verify Heat Strip operation

Inspect fuses and links

Duct System

Inspect Duct Connections

Inspect Boot Seals to drywall

Inspect air return box condition

Inspect Plenum connection to unit

Inspect Filter

Gas Furnace

Inspect draft inducer motor

Inspect Limit Controls

Inspect vent and flue condition

Verify igniter operation

Inspect flame sensor

Outdoor Unit

Wash condenser coils

Verify incoming voltage

Verify reversing valve operation (Heat pump only)

Verify defrost board operation (Heat pump only)

Verify refrigerant pressures

Verify line temperatures

Inspect compressor

Inspect Electronic Control Boards

Inspect contactor