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About Us

Get to know Emerald Coast Air Conditioning & Heating, our humble beggings, and our bright future.

Meet William Heal: HVAC expert, programmer, entrepreneur.

William started as a computer programmer. He was always tech-savvy, and had a knack for finding fast solutions to complex problems from a theoretical and a concrete, mechanical standpoint.

For 15 years, William performed HVAC work a moonlight job, working weekends and nights in South Florida. During his time in South Florida, he saw fellow contractors addressing the immediate need of their customers rather than attending to the larger problems.

For instance, many times he would take a service call for an air conditioning system that was already too small to cool the space it needed, and was well out of warranty. He saw technicians approach problems from a global standpoint rather than the analytical one he had developed as a programmer.

When William moved to the Pensacola area, he and his family found the opportunity to establish their own HVAC repair and installation company, Emerald Coast Air Conditioning and Heating. William and his team of HVAC professionals have developed a system which can quickly diagnose your HVAC systems problems, and moreover address the larger concerns - like whether the unit in your home is designed to handle the cooling capacity needed to keep you comfortable.

Call today at (850) 417-7273. William or one of his home comfort specialist would be thrilled to help you with your HVAC needs.

Now that we're acquanted, let's get started!

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