The right Air Conditioning unit for the job


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Whether it is due to complacency or due to comfort with the familiar to us, in the Air Conditioning Industry, like many others, we are often tempted to use the wrong tool for the job. Sometimes it is simply swapping out a unit for another of the same size without considering the necessary workload, other times we use our standard split units, when other types would be a better choice.

We recently came upon a situation where a non standard solution was the right tool for the job. This was a Trailer Home in an RV / weekend getaway park in an area susceptible to flooding. Due to proximity to water, the likelihood of several inches of floodwaters coming through are fairly high. Like many of the neighboring trailers, we could have opted for a standard split unit and plopped a condenser on the ground, doing what is familiar, easier and comfortable for everyone, but not what is best for our client.

Thinking outside the box, we contacted our partners at Mingledorff’s and inquired about the wall mounted mini split units that work well with standard air handlers. Together with our friends at Mingledorff’s we came up with a Carrier / Bryant Mini Split paired with a ducted, mobile home air handler, providing the best, custom designed use of a mini split air conditioning unit. Using specialized interfaces to communicate from a standard thermostat to a mini split, the mix of technologies worked amazingly and our clients were ecstatic with the solution we installed in their home.

Bryant Mini Split

Unfortunately, we did not take pictures of the completed job, but here are some pictures of the work in progress:

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